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St. Lucia

Just south of Martinique and a few hundred miles from the coast of South American, lies a wonderland of rainforest, waterfalls and exotic birdlife.


You’ll find plenty of Parisian personality on the gorgeous Caribbean island of Martinique. So if you’re looking for a European-style vacation but can’t reason with a long flight time or a costly ticket, Martinique should rank high in your consideration.


For the children of the 80s and 90s, anime and American rap lyrics shaped our curiosities of the foreign land. But now as adults, with passports in hands, we’re demanding more than just a second-hand glimpse of Japan. We want the authentic, real thing.

Washington, D.C.

With a large African American community (making up 50 percent of the population), DC is bursting with cultural experiences and history.


The hunt for picturesque moments now sits high on today’s vacationer’s to-do list. And thank heavens the travel Gods have gifted us scenic gems like Greece. From the scenery to the history, there’s no wonder Greece remains an ultimate bucket list pursuit.